Madrid,  Spain

Flights booked, but where to?

Yes yes yes!

The first steps towards our new big adventure have been taken! We finally managed to book our flights to Spain, even though it really wasn’t easy to find decent prized flights this close to the summer season. There are many people who think it’s a lovely idea to travel to Spain during summer holidays, so I am super happy that we still managed to get our flights under 100 euros per person, with luggage included, I might ad.

I am even more excited about the flight destination, Madrid. We have never been to Madrid, so luckily this time the cheapest flights were from Helsinki to Madrid instead of Barcelona, which usually is the cheapest city to fly in Spain from Finland. We will be doing other small trips to Barcelona anyway again while living in Spain, so it’s amazing to start this journey by getting to know Madrid instead.

So the first few days of our journey we will be spending in the beautiful city of Madrid, exploring and eating good food. We are also hoping to have the time to visit Toledo and Segovia, but let’s see if we can make these happen or not. If you have any good tips to Madrid, please share!

From Madrid we will be heading to our future home town, but we still don’t have an apartment, so we might have to book a hostel first and try to find one on sight. This is a common way to search for an apartment in Spain actually and luckily my internship placement can help us if we run into major trouble.

We have now given up our apartment in Finland and the packing has officially started. So now it’s time to do some practical organizing and take care of stuff for the move abroad, and then we just go. Before this will happen though, we still have a small Mother’s day trip planned to Tallinn, Estonia with our mothers, plus some last minute work for making extra money for the trip and Mika has a few film shoots still under way (he is an actor). We also plan to have a small getaway party for our families before we leave.

Soon we will take off for Spain, can’t wait!

*Photos: Pixabay free photos

<3: Tiina Johanna

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