The best thing about travelling is making dreams come true and experiencing new adventures and new ways of life. It is fun and liberating to challenge yourself and the world really is full of amazing places and things to explore. Different trips, events and activities give something extra to the travel experience and create memories to last a lifetime.

I always love to combine relaxation and activities on my travels, so that I can experience a little bit of everything in a good balance and make the trip just like I want it to be like – some sightseeing, day trips, activities and just relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere.

The ultimately best activities, guided tours, relaxing moments and extreme experiences can always be found with the Get Your Guide site. Without their amazing selection I would have never experienced the Tenerife Island in such a versatile way as I did with the Get Your Guide super fun Jeep Safari around the Island. And that’s just one mentioned!

Go check out for yourself and make your next trip extra amazing!

If you are headed to the exotic Cape Verde islands, be sure to grap this amazing island tour with a certified local guide to my home island Sal!

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