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This past week we have spent our time in the sunny city of Alicante here in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We booked a lovely (and super small) home from Airbnb and we loved it. It was right in middle of the perfectly interesting old town. We didn’t have a terrace as such, but we were able to put chairs and a table outside our door and enjoy the sunny mornings there. Our small home street was quiet and peaceful, so it was basically like having a private terrace anyway, just a bit longer one!

While we stayed here, we thought that this apartment wasn’t as good as the one that we had in Valencia for the previous week, but now that I think about it, I think this had more character after all. Read about our week in Valencia here!

Compared to Valencia, the city of Alicante is a lot more touristic and especially the Scandinavians and Brits have found this place very well. Alicante is filled with history and culture and Mediterranean lifestyle, but I did find Valencia to be a better fit for me.

Alicante does have fantastic restaurants and bars all around, some more local and others more touristic. The most magnificent tourist attraction is the Castle of Santa Barbara on top of the big hill in the middle of the old town. The best way to explore the hill and the Castle is to simply walk up and enjoy the views on the way. We did this as a great morning exercise two times!

The most easiest beach to access from the center and the old town is Playa del Postiguet and it’s a lovely beach with great swimming conditions and cafes around. It’s right next to the old town and the marina area and it’s very popular. If you wish to find an even bigger beach a little bit further, you can also check out the San Juan beach. For comparison, neither of these were as good as the wide beach of La Malvarrosa in Valencia though.

This week in Alicante has been fantastic and full of activities and sunshine. We had nice walks around the beach, the old town and the harbour and enjoyed delicious food and drinks. This city is beautiful, warm, easy and perfect for a nice vacation in every way, but if you wish to find more local vibes, I recommend Valencia. Even better if you visit both!

Check here for the best activities, tickets and guided tours in Alicante:

Right now I am relaxing on our bed in our hostel room in Barcelona, belly full of tasty breakfast. We arrived here yesterday from Alicante. We are feeling a bit tired from all the travelling and exploring, but that will not slow us down as we are in one of the most amazing cities in Europe!

Stay tuned, next up adventures in Barcelona!

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