Balearic Islands,  Mallorca,  Spain

Mallorca – Picturesque seaviews and pearls of the old town

Here is finally some travel updates from our amazing trip to the beautiful Balearic Island of Mallorca, where we went to celebrate my 25th birthday for two weeks. Once again I found a place in this world where I totally fell in love with the sceneries. I could even see myself living here someday, at least for a while. Mallorca offers it all: Long beaches as far as the eye can see, beautiful villages and historic old towns and obviously the vibrant life in the capital city Palma.

It is just my luck, that the beginning of this trip I fell really sick and I got the flu. This is not uncommon with me and I don’t know why this happens to me almost always when I travel, maybe it’s the air conditioning or something in the airplane, who knows. We did manage to do some exploring though around the hotel area and nearby sights. Of course nothing could have kept me away from the beach! At least the location was perfect for beeing sick, no complaining there.

We had a great apartment hotel right next to the beach and it was quite luxurious, even if that wasn’t must for us this time. I am not into hotel activities or spending time at the hotel, but the room was spacious and it had a separate living room and a small kitchenette, so that was a plus. Our hotel was on the north side of the island, in a town called Alcudia.

Alcudia is very beautiful and the beach is the best as it offers great white sandy beach as far as the eye can see, truly. On the other hand, Alcudia is a bit boring also and it has many tourists and pentioners, so if you are young and lively, you might want to go to the south side of the island instead and just visit Alcudia someday. It is still worth visiting, so please do so.

My ultimate favourite of this trip was our visit to the capital city Palma. Palma is so stunning, vibrant, lively and it has great shops and boutiques, pretty street views and historical sights. The bus ride between Alcudia and Palma takes only under one hour and it is cheap and simple. Don’t use any ready-made travel agency trips for this, you will enjoy it so much more if you just go by yourself using the local bus. It’s very easy and it gives a touch of local lifestyle, which is always the best thing when travelling! Palma offers great views and things to do, so make sure you get enough time to explore it all. One day might really not be enough, at least it wasn’t enough for us. Remember, that Palma is also called the mini-Barcelona.

The best things to do and see are the old parts, the small street restaurants and the fantastic La Seu Cathedral. There are plenty of great shopping opportunities too. We only got to scratch the surface of Palma on our trip, so we really wish to return someday for more.

Until the next adventures in the wonderful Balearic Islands, maybe next time we also get to go to Menorca!

<3: Tiina Johanna

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