Estonia,  Tallinn

The Tallinn Winter

Wow it’s cold!

We came back home yesterday from our small getaway in Tallinn, Estonia. It was so freezing there that I think my body is still a bit frozen. Our mini getaway was fun and great in every way, but the freezing cold weather combined to the crispy sea breeze and badly heated stone buildings caused some major chills.

The level of the coldness effected our travel plans too, because had to go and shop for warmer clothing, even though we didn’t really plan to go shopping at all at first. We also had to skip all the outdoor sights because it was too cold to explore outside. We decided it’s best to explore more indoors and stay close to our hotel.

Luckily us humans are easily adaptable and so we adapted quickly to this cold weather. The most beautiful part of Tallinn is no doubt the old town with it’s picturesque pastel-coloured old buildings and the narrow snowy streets were so charming to look at as well. We did manage to get some sunshine a little bit every now and then and we did enjoy exploring around the old town. We have been to Tallinn before, but we still managed to find some new places to roam.

All in all it was a pleasant and much needed getaway, although next time we will choose the summertime. Well, at least now we have plenty of new sweaters and we are of course one travel experience richer, so can’t complain!

Psst. Estonia celebrates it’s 100-year-old Independence this year, so if that’s not a good reason to go and visit Estonia, then I don’t know what is! So please, if you haven’t already been to Tallinn and to Estonia, go now! You will love it. 🙂

Until the next (warmer) adventures!

<3: Tiina Johanna
IG: @tiinajohannaaa

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