Crete,  Greece

The blazing hot views of Crete

We had a lovely week long vacation on the Island of Crete and now I am back home feeling slightly sunburned and very relaxed. It would have been amazing to stay in Greece for a bit longer because this rainy autumn weather back home just isn’t really that great. I also had my 24th birthday there, so that was a huge win for me! 🙂

Our journey began at the airport hotel in Helsinki-Vantaa here in Finland. After not sleeping at all we went to the airport and made it to our 3 hrs 40 mins long flight to Chania, Crete. That’s not long at all by the way. From Chania we took a busride to Platanias, where we had our magnificent five star hotel, because my mom loves luxury. It was my first time in hotel like that and the service was fantastic. The hotel was right by the beach and that’s where we went every day. I am a true beach girl, so life by the beach is my thing, I don’t care about the accommodation that much, as long as I can go to the beach easily, haha.

We also did a daytrip to the Gramvousa Island and the blue lagoon of Balos. On top of the Island the venetians had built a fortress back in the day for commercial purposes and in front of the Island you can also find a shipwreck of a commercial ship. In Balos we just basically enjoyed the sun and swam a lot! It was a stunning place.

My birthday was a success also. I got a cake and a bowl of fruit delivered to my room and also lovely cards from my mom and the hotel manager. We also went to the beach and in the evening we went for a great dinner at the Panorama restaurant on top of a big hill with amazing ocean views. Of course we had to get Pina Coladas at the bar as well!

That’s it for now, before some new adventures await!

<3: Tiina Johanna

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