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    Greetings from the sunshine!

    Last sunday we finally arrived in Spain and firstly to Valencia, which was a perfect choice for a great city break in the sun. The weather has been fantastic and the people here are so kind and lovely. Right now I am enjoying the hot 30 degree weather by the beach and sipping my cold mango frappe, soon I will have to go for a refreshing swim in the ocean! Are you planning a holiday in the sun during the winter months? Check out the perfect weather guide for Spain for your upcoming beach vacation.

    We have been spending a lot of time on the beach chilling and enjoying the weather. This city is also great for walking around, sightseeing and for example riding the bike everywhere. Our lovely AirBnb home is located right next to the beach area in the old fisherman’s area called El Cabanyal. All the buildings are so versatile, beautiful, historic and soulful in this neighbourhood. If you like historic places, you should definitely also explore the historical city centre of Valencia, called El Carmen. It is so beautiful with it’s wonderful architechture and sights!

    We have enjoyed many meals out in different restaurants and our stomachs are already so full of great tapas and wine. The famous spanish dish paella is originally from Valencia, so this is the best place to eat paella! Everything is very cheap here, because Valencia is not quite as touristic as for example Barcelona. You should always go where the locals go for food though, because they know the best places and otherwise you might end up in a more expensive tourist trap. If you stay at a rental home like us, it’s also a great option to cook at home once in a while, because the food and wine is very cheap in the markets and shops as well.

    I really recommend Valencia for everyone. It is a warm, beautiful and historic city with lots to see and to do. There are modern and old city vibes and wonderful beaches, delicious food and cheap prizes.

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    <3: Tiina Johanna