Canary Islands,  Spain,  Tenerife

The magnificent mountains of Los Gigantes

I decided to take a small break from everything and me and my lovely mom travelled to take a look at the beautiful Island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Tenerife is a wonderful place lovely people and culture, sunny weather all year round and fantastic ocean views to the surrounding Atlantic. This was one of my first trips to sunny countries and I truly fell in love with Spain. I really didn’t want to come back home to the cold and snowy Finland.

The trip was mostly just about hanging out on the beach and enjoying the sunshine. Additionally we also did a little shopping here and there and walked around aimlessly. Good food was a must for us on this relaxing week and we sure did eat some delicious Canarian food! My favourite part was my own personal moments when I did my morning walks around the area and all the other tourists were still sleeping, haha. There were only locals doing their thing and the sound of the ocean waves, what could be better?

I love to get to know other people on my travels and this time we got to know a few other tourists from the same hotel as us. We ended up hanging out with them a lot and we also did some daytrips around the island with their rental car. What a nice bonus for us.

As a travel destination I enjoyed Tenerife a lot. It is so much more than just a tourist destination! There is beautiful sceneries and nature, lovely local people and many interesting places to visit. Sadly we didn’t have time for everything but I will definetely return again for some more of Tenerife exploring.

<3: Tiina Johanna

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