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Behind the blog is a passionate plus thirty years old traveler and adventurer from Tampere, Finland. In addition to my home country, I have lived in Spain and my latest abroad living adventures were based in the amazing capital city of Portugal, Lisbon. Recently I have happily lived for almost two years in the exotic Cape Verde islands on the island of Sal with my lovely local husband. After our amazing beach wedding we decided to change sceneries and we travelled together to explore the world and gain more beautiful memories. Right now we are in Finland, but we are returning to warmer places soon. Follow our everyday life and travel adventures on my instagram: @tiinaunderthecoconut.

I like to experience the world from a local perspective and travel slow. I like to live and spend more time in different countries, so who knows where life will take me after Cape Verde! Welcome to follow me and our life around the streets and ocean views of Sal and Cape Verde islands, charming paradise beaches in Europe and jump along for a lifelong adventure around the world with us, whatever comes next!

I love the ocean, nature, animals, meeting new, interesting and wonderful people around the world and I of course love new travel experiences, and most of all, great adventures. Unforgettable experiences and happiness in general are the cornerstones of my travels as well as in my life. I graduated from AhlmanEdu Vocational College in Tampere in the spring of 2020 into the tourism industry. Currently I am also studying digital marketing and business. In addition to my travel blog, I am working as an entrepreneur, influencer, content creator and freelancer with social media and different remote projects.


Sometimes I travel with my husband, sometimes with friends, sometimes with my mother or other family, but I also enjoy my own company and I like to solo travel. I have fallen in love with solo travel little by little, and I am very happy about it, because solo travel has given me a whole new way to travel and to not having to compromise on what I want to do during my trips, so my wanderlust gene can live freely. 😉 Currently, much of my own travels happen around the exotic islands of Cape Verde with my local husband. I love to experience new travel adventures together with him and I would not change our moments together for anything! <3


My travel photos are almost always photographed on my current smart phone (currently using the iPhone 12 Pro) and all the photos in the blog are taken by me, unless I mention otherwise in the article. Please do not copy without permission.

I always edit my photos with the LOOV Lightroom Presets, that are presets for an image editing program called Lightroom that help you edit your images more vividly and bring out the colors in your images better, in a very easy and simple way. Loov.fi is a Finnish reliable small company with high-quality presets and various options of presets to suit many different styles. These benefit bloggers, professional photographers, and instagrammers alike, and these greatly speed up your image editing! Loov underwent great upgrades at the beginning of 2021, and Loov also has a hugely popular social media content calendar, as well as plenty of other things to make your Instagram beautiful and professional looking at the same time, in addition to the amazing presets as well.

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So far, the most memorable travel experiences have been my first trip to the United States, to the bohemian city of San Francisco, and my first Whale watching whale watching experience. In addition to this, one is of course my six-month internship in a hostel in Valencia, Spain, during which I learned a lot about myself and Valencia will stay in my heart forever. The third golden experience was my blog collaboration trip to Tenerife through EcoTravellers Travel Company to volunteer with whales and dolphins. This trip taught me a lot of new things about marine conservation and nothing beats the feeling of being able to see happy dolphins enjoying their lives free in their natural habitat!

My most recent travel loves are definitely my move to Lisbon, which changed my life in many ways and gave me a lot of inspiration for the future. In addition to this, I am feeling a deep passion and fire towards the Cape Verde Islands, as each of the islands of Cape Verde are different and unique and the island of Sal has a special place in my heart because after several trips and finally permanently moving here it really feels like home. The fact that I met my current man here in Sal makes the place even more important. <3


As a travel destination, I am very much interested in the whole world and I am always interested in new and interesting opportunities for collaboration. I only work with partners that I genuinely like and to whom I feel I can also give something precious and good through this collaboration together. I always invest a lot of time and effort in my work and I am working with a full soul and heart in each project I do. So if you feel that we could benefit from working together and enjoy the collaboration, please feel free to contact me and lets talk more: kookospalmunalla@kookospalmunalla.fi.


I look forward to more and more great life adventures and more amazing travel experiences in the future. Dreams are made come true!

With love,
Tiina Johanna
“Under The Coconut Tree”


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