Moving abroad,  Spain

Moving to Spain – Internship here I come!

Woah, maybe it’s finally time to break this blog silence!

There are so many things that I would’ve loved to talk about here, but I’ve just been so tired after working long hours for these past few weeks. I was too tired to even open the computer after work!

There is a reason for all this crafting and it’s our new big lifestyle change, because we are moving to Spain! How happy am I?!

We are moving to Spain because of my internship. I study tourism here in Finland and this internship is a part of my studies of course. So the next six months is going to be fantastic and sunny.

In the very beginning of my studies I new what I wanted to gain from my studies. I wanted to experience all the things that I’ve dreamed of but weren’t yet possible. This was a good route to achieve these goals and the tourism industry is a really wide industry, so the possibilities for great internships are really endless. In my previous studies I have already worked at restaurants and bigger hotels, so this time my first choice for an internship was a job at a famous Scandinavian independent record label doing marketing and writing content. It was such an amazing experience!

Now it’s time to go for my biggest dream so far, which is to MOVE TO SPAIN!

So now all there is to do is to sort out all the details here that you have to arrange when moving abroad (or moving at all). There is plenty, but we’ll manage. No stress, just positive thoughts, right? Haha.

We have already planned epic adventures during our stay in Spain, so please, now is the time to start following the blog and my Instagram @tiinajohannaaa to keep yourself updated 24/7.

Be brave, be strong, dare to live your dreams!

<3: Tiina Johanna

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