What is Home Exchange?

I have been a very eager home exchanger for quite a while already. It gives a new perspective to travelling and gives a great opportunity to experience the local ways and the local culture. It also gives a possibility to travel longer and cheaper, because exchanging homes is completely free!

I did my first home exchange from my home here in Finland all the way to San Francisco, California. The experience was easy, fun and trustworthy. This was an exchange with Guest Points, that is sort of a currency that the website uses (still free of charge). We gave some Points to the other family and went to stay to their house, but they didn’t come to ours. Read more about this experience from my blog article here.

The second home exchange we did was with to amazing women from Valencia, Spain. This was a normal exchange where we swapped homes together and we went to Valencia and the women came to stay at our home here in Tampere, Finland. This was a wonderful experience and everything went smoothly and well. Their home was lovely and spacious, even more than what we could have hoped for and they also loved their visit to our place. I have to say, that both of these trips would have been so much shorter and more boring without swapping homes because we simply couldn’t have afforded to stay that long in those places/cities. A true win win situation!

We use the most popular Home Exchange website and for us it has been perfect. It is 100% trustworthy and their customer service has been amazing and very helpful. They take good care of all their members and swappers and they have a big variety of homes to choose from.

If you wish to become a trusted part of HomeExchange.com, you can register here and get an extra 250 Guest Points to use whenever you want with your upcoming exchanges!


  1. Register to the website and create your own account about you and your home (it can also be a second home). Remember to be honest and enjoy the process!
  2. Pay the yearly membership fee (approx. 100€). It is not much compared to the money you will save from accommodation during your travels.
  3. Start looking for the perfect home exchange!

Remember that you can exchange how ever you wish. You can do the regular exchange and swap homes at the same time or you can exchange at different times. You can also use your Guest Points and “rent” a home. Renting is not the idea of the website so please do not use it just as a rental platform, there are different websites for renting, right? 😉 But the points are a good way to go sometimes.

Home Exchange is a fun way to travel and it gives a possibility to experience something local and different. All us members provide the same information about ourselves to the page and we all have to trust each other, so don’t think it is only you. Let’s be honest and respectful and love the experience, right? I am in contact with all my exchange partners and it has given me new great friends and new people to meet. This is not a must but it’s a great plus. Also, never underestimate your home or your home town as a great destination for travelling! People will love it, trust me. I hope to see you soon at HomeExchange.com and if you wish to travel to Finland, let me know and maybe we can exchange together!

Register here and become a member of Home Exchange!

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